Training in tests

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The audience listens to the actingFor more than 70 years, the Sopemea group has conducted equipment qualification tests and complete system trials for its customers and shares its unique knowledge and skills, acquired in the field of environment testing, through training.

Our goal is to enable our customers to understand test specifications better and to be able to conduct analyses or projects in a more reliable way. [end-div]

Your needs

Project managers, product managers, test engineers and product design engineers able to:

  • Manage and monitor testing, from preparation to  results analysis
  • Understand all environment tests conducted on equipment and take account of this in its design
  • Discuss and exchange with test laboratories to save time and optimise tests.

Our responses

  • Training through “experienced professional testers”  understanding your testing issues
  • A series of training modules based on a practical approach, and using the test equipment in our laboratory.

Training conditions are unique: you will be able to conduct tests, view their results in “real time” and exchange with our specialists.