Support service

In addition to testing and maintenance of installations, Sopemea offers support services offering customers the necessary services:

The range of services offered by Sopemea is as follows:

  • Definitions and validation of testing tools
  • Static structural calculations (non-linear, fatigue, thermomechanical, etc.)
  • Dynamic analyses (shocks, SRS, earthquakes, recalibration, etc.)
  • Verification or correlation calculation  of the behaviour of structures
  • Authoring of test procedures and monitoring of your campaigns
  • Functional checks, before during and after testing

Our CAD and calculation tools work in the SolidWorks and ANSYS formats.

Our laboratory has a traditional machining workshop: drilling, threading, milling, lathing, cutting, bending welding, etc. This service offers a fast response in the event reworking is required.

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  • Monitoring of all EPR Flamanville nuclear power plant qualifications
  • Correlation of theoretical model and the results of modal analysis for the RATP metro.
  • Design and manufacture of specific test benches (seal crushing, tearing out of concrete anchor, torsional shear stress of a transmission shaft, etc.)