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Measure your equipment behaviour …


Each test environment requires measurements to be conducted (temperature, vibration, deformation, etc.). These measurement are not only carried out in our three laboratories but also throughout the world thanks to teams and equipment suitable for all situations: on land, in the air or at sea.

The range of services offered by Sopemea is as follows:

  • Experimental modal analysis on aircraft, trains or any industrial equipment (using global methods and the suitable sinus method), with around 600 acceleration measurement channels.
  • Operating deflection
  • Vibratory comfort measurement campaigns
  • Road tests on road or track
  • Contactless vibration measurements
  • Measurements in hydroelectric plant

Measurements are carried out by qualified technicians and engineers.

Some examples of our achievements

To date, Sopemea has tested around a hundred aircraft built in France, from the Broussard to the Hurel Dubois II, the Mirage III to the Concorde and the latest: the Falcon 8X and the Falcon 5X.

Also :

  • road testing on vehicles such as the Renault Espace, Kangoo, Nissan Micra, Jaguar, etc.
  • onboard measurements on the Italian TGV, tramways, nuclear waste transport wagons, unmarked motorbikes, tanks, helicopters, etc.
  • on medical devices, drones, flow measurements on vibration measurements, pumps, speed measurements on garden equipment, etc.