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Hydraulic tests

Hydraulic testing

Evaluate your equipment behaviour …

Hydraulic testing

Hydraulic testing consists of evaluating the behaviour of equipment under real conditions of use by applying hydraulic stresses:

  • Mechanical resistance under high pressure (burst and proof pressure)
  • Reaction to brief increases in pressure (water hammer effect)
  • Equipment operation (characterisation tests)
  • Resistance to hydraulic fatigue.


Exceptional testing means and human resources

Hydraulic testing

Sopemea has all the necessary equipment available on a single site to meet your testing needs.

All fluid types are offered, from water to mineral oil and Hyjet IV, .

These tests are conducted in special climatic chambers, used to combine several parameters (hydraulic, heat, cold, ice, etc.).

Several mobile hydraulic generators can be set up to monitor the equipment through all the tests required for its qualification (vibrations, earthquake, EMC, etc.).

Testing is conducted by qualified technicians and engineers.

We also provide our expertise in conducting specific tests (characterisation, lifespan estimations, etc.).


Some examples of our achievements

Messier brake

Fatigue resistance testing on car and aeronautical hoses, characterisation of servo-controls, qualification of aeronautical brake systems, vibration combined with hydraulics on distribution unit, etc.