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EMC Tests

EMC Testing

Evaluate the electromagnetic reactions of your equipment…

 EMC testing

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing consists of verifying the equipment’s ability to operate satisfactorily in an electromagnetic environment without causing its own electromagnetic disturbance (exceeding limits set out in standards). It cannot be measured directly, hence the emission and susceptibility tests.

The range of tests offered by Sopemea is as follows:

  • Emission between 10 Hz and 400 MHz.
  • Radiated emission: magnetic field between 0 Hz and 30 MHz and electric field between 10 KHz and 18 GHz.
  • Susceptibility (BCI: 10 kHz – 400 MHz)
  • Radiated susceptibility (10 Hz – 18 GHz).
  • Indirect lightening tests
  • Mains supply tests
  • Electrostatic discharge tests
  • CE marking

To complete its offering, Sopemea teams offer on-site services.

Exceptional testing means and human resources

 EMC testing

Sopemea has all the necessary equipment on one site to meet your EMC testing needs.

Sopemea can use  semi-anechoic or reverberating chambers to conduct these tests. One of them is large enough to hold a vehicle (500 m3). Our chambers are fitted with contiguous, insulated measurement rooms.

The utilities available (electrical power, 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz supply frequencies, water pressure and flow, etc.) allow these tests to be conducted on equipment in their usual operating conditions.

Testing is conducted by qualified technicians and engineers.

We comply with following standards

EMC testing

  • EMC standards: EN61000-4-(2-3-4-5-6-8-9-11-12-18), EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
  • Generic standards: NF EN 61 000-6-1 to 5
  • Rail standards: EN50155, EN50121-3-2 to EN50121-3-4
  • Aeronautical standards DO-160, STANAG, AECTP-500, ABD100.1.2, ABD100.1.8, D6-16050
  • Military standards: MIL STD 461, GAM EG13, DEF STAN