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Climatic tests

Climatic testing

Simulation of extreme climatic conditions for your equipment …

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Climatic testing consists in reproducing the atmospheric environmental conditions encountered on land and at altitude. The same conditions, usually extreme, are simulated, in order to measure equipment behaviour.

The range of tests offered by Sopemea reproduce all these conditions.

  • Simultaneous combination of atmospheric conditions of hot/cold, humidity, altitude, solar heating.
  • Rapid Temperature Variation (RTV) and thermal shocks
  • Storm reproduction: sand, dust, snow, rain.
  • Icing or frosting
  • Salt spray,
  • Rapid decompression
  • Development of fungi or chemical attack by aggressive fluids.
  • IP protection index tests for equipment casing against the penetration of solid bodies and liquids.
  • Loss of coolant (LOCA) at a nuclear plant: thermodynamic pressure/temperature shock, saturated steam atmosphere with boric acid spray.

Exceptional testing means and human resources

Climatic testing

Sopemea has all the necessary equipment available on a single site to meet your climatic test needs.

Sopemea can use several tens of climatic chambers, two of which feature  exceptional characteristics:  200m3 (temperatures ranging from – 80°C to + 150°C, humidity, solar heating), 20 m3 (temperatures ranging from – 80°C to + 150°C, humidity, solar heating, altitude).

The utilities available (electrical power, 50Hz/60Hz/400Hz supply frequencies, water pressure and flow, etc.) allow to conduct these tests  on large equipment in their usual operating conditions.

Testing is conducted by qualified technicians and engineers.

We also provide our expertise in conducting specific tests.

Some examples of our achievements:

Climatic testing

Standards: CEI or NF EN 60068-2-X, GAM EG13, NF EN ISO 9227, MIL-STD 810G, NF EN 2591-XXX, RTCA DO 160G, STANAG 4370, RCC-E, IEEE…