On February 22nd 2018, DATA PHYSICS and SOPEMEA have signed their first partnership contract covering technical assistance by SOPEMEA on DATA PHYSICS and TEAM products.

DATA PHYSICS, leader in the field of Electrodynamic shakers has chosen the SOPEMEA Group, leader in the field of environmental testing, maintenance and calibration of measurement equipment, to sign a partnership covering after-sale support, service and maintenance of DATA PHYSICS and TEAM’s vibration systems in France, Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

As part of this relationship, DATA PHYSICS will continue to design, manufacture, and sell Electrodynamic shakers, while SOPEMEA will manage after-sales support and offer services including:

• Maintenance of the shakers

• Installation and commissioning of new equipment

• Service repairs

• Under-warranty repairs

• Delivery of spare parts


Customers will enjoy a number of advantages from this partnership, including :

• Very short reaction times: 48 hours in the event of failure or problems

• Immediate availability of spare parts

• A competent partner on site

• Quality service on DATA PHYSICS systems performed by DATA PHYSICS -trained technicians


Through this partnership, DATA PHYSICS is committed to maintain its position in France and will continue to offer superior quality systems and service.

About the Sopemea Group

The Sopemea Group is a subsidiary of Apave. It operates a group of laboratories specialising in environmental testing for industrial organizations in the power, defence, air and ground transportation sectors. With over 150 employees, the company has been providing specialist mechanical, vibratory, climatic and electrical testing since 1948. It is also involved in upstream test engineering and consultancy on projects aimed at qualifying customer equipment.



Data Physics, owned by Battery Ventures, was founded by two Alumni of Hewlett Packard in 1984. Dave Snyder had designed hardware and software for the Fourier Analysers developed at the Santa Clara Division of HP. Sri Welaratna had worked for HP in England, Europe and then in Santa Clara developing applications of Fourier Analysers.

The first project Dave and Sri did together was the design of the UD 400AT vibration controller, the first to use a PC as the host computer and a DSP based signal processing peripheral. This project began in 1983 and used the Texas Instruments TMS32010, the very first Digital Signal Processor. Data Physics has been supplying high performance solutions in signal processing to the noise and vibration community since 1984.

With the recent addition of a full line of electrodynamic shakers to complement its vibration controllers and dynamic signal analysers, Data Physics is a total solution supplier for vibration applications. Data Physics manufactures products that are “Made in the USA” and “Made in the UK”.