17 December 2020

The Sopemea group wishes you

The Sopemea Group has the space in its eight entities to house, operate and maintain the equipment of our customers looking to avail of Testing and Maintenance skills on the same site.
15 June 2020
Extension des capacités du générateur de foudre directe

New testing capacities for the lightning generator direct effects

The Sopemea group is expanding the capacities of its lightning generator direct effects , the LG200k, now capable of generating all the waveforms, and of chaining […]
28 November 2019

PARC’s anniversary : 20 years of experience in testing

PARC, Sopemea‘s British subsidiary, has just turned 20 years old on the 30th November 2019. Its expertise in environmental testing, including Climatic and Mechanical, is recognised […]
7 October 2019

GERAC’s testing and engineering activities join the SOPEMEA group

The SOPEMEA group, a subsidiary of APAVE, which counts in France and the United Kingdom a combined group of 6 test centres specialising in Qualification, Environmental […]
8 July 2019

Sopemea is integrating a division specialised in electrical product compliance

SOPEMEA, a subsidiary of the APAVE group, which specialises in engineering and qualification tests in mechanical, vibratory, climatic, electrical, hydraulic and electromagnetic compatibility fields, is integrating […]