17 December 2020

The Sopemea group wishes you

The Sopemea Group has the space in its eight entities to house, operate and maintain the equipment of our customers looking to avail of Testing and Maintenance skills on the same site.
15 June 2020
Extension des capacités du générateur de foudre directe

New testing capacities for the lightning generator direct effects

The Sopemea group is expanding the capacities of its lightning generator direct effects , the LG200k, now capable of generating all the waveforms, and of chaining […]
14 September 2017
Sopavib a 20 ans depuis le 4 juillet 2017

Sopavib, 20 years’ experience serving industry

Sopavib, the Lyon-based subsidiary of the Sopemea group, celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 4th 2017 marking two decades of continued service provided to clients in […]
14 September 2017

Sopemea present at key european trade fairs

As a test laboratory serving diversified industries, Sopemea will be running stands at major upcoming trade shows in France and Germany: ENOVA PARIS, Forum Entreprises Défense […]
14 September 2017

Sopemea gives a talk on stereo-correlation at the 17th ETTC conference

Floriane Soulas, who serves as a Test Engineer within Sopemea’s measuring department, spoke at the European Test and Telemetry Conference (EETC) – the annual international conference […]