SOPEMEA, a subsidiary of the APAVE group, which specialises in engineering and qualification tests in mechanical, vibratory, climatic, electrical, hydraulic and electromagnetic compatibility fields, is integrating a new division dedicated to electrical products compliance. The electrical products testing laboratory team of APAVE Tassin joined SOPEMEA on 1 July 2019 and operates from SOPEMEA’s subsidiary, SOPAVIB at Genas, near Lyon (69).

A new offering of technical risks assessment and characterisation through testing

The integration of the Electrical Products Compliance Division follows the acquisition of AEMC in 2019, increasing the synergy and complementary offering of services between SOPEMEA Group members’. The group is developing its support, in the form of training and engineering services, qualification tests, conformity analysis and CE marking. This laboratory is a recognized Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL).

Which customers will benefit from the Electrical Products Compliance Division centre?

Manufacturers, importers and distributors need to evaluate the performance of their products or equipment. This Electrical Products Compliance Centre conducts tests and compliance checks for its customers according to the products’ standards required in the European market. These evaluations relate to household electrical and electromedical products, measuring and laboratory equipment, audio / video information processing, luminaires, electrical equipment for machines, low-voltage switchgear and charging terminals for electric vehicles, plus many other applications…

Which new support services will be provided?

With twenty years of experience, the team of the Electrical Products Compliance Centre offers its expertise to customers in their assessment procedures, to guide them through every phase of the product development before reaching the market:

  • Tests and evaluations of the control switchgear according to the applicable French decrees
  • Issue of examination certificates by institution, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Support for international certification and audit of manufacturing sites (Japan, Canada)
  • Mechanical tests, Impact, IK (Impact by Kinetic Energy), stability, resistance tests of enclosures against penetration of solid and liquid objects (Ingress Protection) in the context of qualifications or evaluations

Technical support on different levels:

  • In the development phase of electrical products
  • When presenting normative requirements and their impact on product design
  • During the risk analysis and benchmarking phase for the introduction of new or innovative electrical products into the market
  • For a prototype pre-assessment (partial tests and examination, verification of construction requirements)
  • In order to meet regulatory obligations
  • For the verification of a CE marking of electrical products
  • For production of tests, test benches and qualification plan according to contractual requirement


Experts from the Electrical Products Compliance Division can also train their customers in their three businesses:

  • Regulations
  • Product standards
  • Testings

Services offered by the Electrical Products Compliance:

  • Electrical Power Product Testing 180kW 3P + N / 22kW 3P + N
  • Electrical Product Testing – (<4.6kW 50 / 60Hz; 2m(w) x 2m(d) x 3.5m(h))
  • Liquid (water) Ingress Protection Testing for products 2mx2mx3.5m
  • Dust Ingress Protection Testing
  • Fire / IRC Testings