With more than 1500 exhibitors coming from 60 different countries and more than 57 000 visitors (statistics of 2016), the Eurosatory exhibition has become international, as the reference exhibition in the field of defense. For the 2018 edition, the Sopemea Group will be present as an exhibitor on the next stand :

Hall 6 F 43F2

Sopemea, testing laboratories in the field of defense for more than 70 years :

For seven decades, Sopemea has delivered its qualification services to the defense sector, its reference domain.  Initially created to qualify aeronautical equipment with climatic and mechanical tests, Sopemea benefits from an experience in the big defense programs.

The testing services of Sopemea are covering most of the required standards, like :

  • STANAG 4370
  • MIL STD 461
  • MIL STD 810
  • DEF STAN 0035
  • GAM EG 13

Sopemea also led the drafting of the guide on the mechanical and climatic environment consideration for the french ministry of defense. Sopemea is still involved today in the writing of various technic documents for new standards.

Among the different tests available, Sopemea offers vibratory, climatic and EMC qualification on armored vehicle turrets, vibration and fall tests on military containers, modal analysis of lure launches systems, vibratory qualification on armored vehicle’s wheels or on choppers armament.

The Sopemea group is a stakeholder in the CIN-EG and CEN working groups, for the choice of military standards in Europe. Our engineers follow all of our customers for their testing programs. Sopemea is an active member of the GIFAS and GICAN clusters.

Since september, Sopemea has expanded its offer internationally and now offers to its customers a qualification service in the UK with it new spinneret, the PARC laboratory.

Specific services :

  • Hydraulic tests (characterisation and bursting)
  • Constant acceleration
  • Falls
  • Guns shots
  • Shocks during arrest and catapulting
  • depth charge blast shocks
  • Platform movements (rolling and pitching)
  • Pyrotechnic shocks
  • On-board measurements
  • Sand and dust
  • Lightning, nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP), strong EMC fields, EMC susceptibility and emissivity
  • Susceptibility to fluids
  • Acoustic discretion
  • Calculations of resistance to shocks
  • Immersion