The SOPEMEA group, a subsidiary of APAVE, which counts in France and the United Kingdom a combined group of 6 test centres specialising in Qualification, Environmental Testing And Training, has just formalised the acquisition of the laboratories and the activities of GERAC (Thales), who are experts in the control of electromagnetic environments.

From October, 44 GERAC employees from the Toulouse and Trappes sites will reinforce the skills of the SOPEMEA teams, offering a complete range of testing services in the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defence, Rail, Energy and Nuclear, Automotive, Medical and Electronics industry sectors.

Following the integration of AEMC and AEMC Lab in January 2019, which specialises in EMC Testing and Training, the SOPEMEA group completes and enriches its offering with GERAC, thanks to the following synergies:

  • EMC measurements and tests on site
  • High intensity radiated field
  • Specialisation in the Defence and Aeronautics fields
  • Engineering and support of EMC projects
  • EMC training on military measures and impulse tests
  • CE marking
  • Direct and indirect lightning tests

About the SOPEMEA group
The SOPEMEA Group is a subsidiary of APAVE and brings together a group of laboratories specialising in Environmental Testing for multiple industry sectors. Since 1948, the SOPEMEA Group has specialised  in Mechanical, Vibration, Climatic, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electrical Environments, as well as in Test Engineering and Training and equipment qualification projects for customers. In 2017, the group expanded with the acquisition of PARC laboratory in the United Kingdom, then in 2019 with AEMC and AEMC Lab, as well as the Apave cluster dedicated to compliance of electrical products. The SOPEMEA Group now comprises more than 160 employees in France and the United Kingdom.

About the APAVE group
provides a certification service to companies dedicated to controlling their technical, human and environmental risks. APAVE is an independent organisation with a consolidated turnover in 2018 of €843 M and employs nearly 11,100 employees (including 8,000 engineers and technicians), 130 agencies, 170 training sites in France and internationally and 37 laboratories and training centres. APAVE is currently represented internationally through 50 locations. 200,000 businesses and communities already trust it in France and around the world.

Since 1985, GERAC has supported its customers in the control of Electromagnetic Environment, helping their customers to understand and master the issues of electromagnetic compatibility. Equipment tested by GERAC can be certified to CE standards.


For further information on UK products, contact PARC :
Phone : +44 (0)1237 421255

For more information on EMC testing in France, contact SOPEMEA :
Phone : +33 (0)1 45 37 64 68